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If you’re looking for your dream Friesian or Barock Pinto foal, you’ve come to the right place. Badger Canyon Friesians and Barock Pintos (formally Friesians In Color) has been located in Benton City since  2003. 

We breed the legendary Friesian, the horse with the majestic appearance, high stepping powerful gaits, sleek black coat and personable nature. Friesians are a legend. One of the oldest breeds they are known to have been around since the middle ages. Elegant, willing, energetic but gentle and easily trainable their high stepping paces and proud appearance has caused them to regain popularity recently as dressage, carriage, and pleasure horses. Their fantasy appearance has also led them to become stars in films such as Ladyhawke, Eragon, The Mask of Zorro, Alexander, The Chronicles of Narnia, and 300 have also featured Friesian horses.

Our pinto colored foals qualify for registry as Barock Pinto HH. The earliest recorded Barock pinto was the 1957 stallion Bonte Nico, he was bred from a purebred Friesian and a Groninger (which KWPN horses descend from). This breed has recently began gaining popularity and we believe it is a breed full of potential, as family, show and dressage horses. Traditionally a combination of Friesian and Eurpean Warmblood horses, some of our foals also contain up to 25% American Saddlebred the "Peacock" of the horse world, stunningly beautiful, athletic and elegant.  

In addition to breeding and foaling our own mares  we also stand our beloved stallion, Ramses, to a small number of outside mares. We offer our horses for sale to "good homes only" at very reasonable and honest prices. We work to keep our prices reasonable because of our dedication to breeding these amazing horses, because we are able to use our own resources, and for the wonderful friendships that we have developed with horse lovers all over North America through this enterprise. We take care of the horses ourselves, take our own pictures and videos, we also created and maintain this website.  

We are fortunate to be able to provide our horses with a lifestyle where they can engage in natural behaviors. While we use stables for foaling, extreme weather, and for individual feeding all of our horses are free to socialize and have room to run and play the vast majority of the time. 

"I will not change my horse with any that treads but on four pasterns...When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk. He trots the air, the earth sings when he touches it, the basest horn of his hoofs is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.. When bestride him I soar, I am a hawk..." (William Shakespeare). 
HomeFor salestallionFriesian BroodmaresBarock pinto maresContact Us

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(509) 591-2000